Zeller Terminal Introduces Split Payments

Published 8 months ago

The awkwardness and inconvenience of splitting the bill at a venue are about to become a thing of the past with the introduction of Split Payments, a new feature offered by Zeller Terminal. This feature, which is set to revolutionize group purchases, can be enabled by businesses with a single click, allowing them to divide payments between individuals based on the number of people or a custom value.

More Than Just Splitting the Bill

The Split Payments feature provides more than just a solution for splitting the bill after a group meal or a round of drinks. It also offers significant advantages for non-hospitality businesses, potentially boosting customer satisfaction and sales while reducing risk.

In situations where a customer doesn’t have sufficient funds on a single payment method, Split Payments allows the cost to be divided over multiple credit cards or digital wallets. This feature proves particularly useful for businesses selling high-priced items, offering customers a flexible payment option that can increase sales and decrease the risk of declined transactions.

A Boost for Tips in the Service Industry

The service industry stands to benefit from the Split Payments feature as it can lead to an increase in tips. Rather than leaving the tipping decision to one customer, each individual is given the option to leave a tip while paying their share. This method not only allows for more customer control but could also result in larger cumulative tips.

How to Enable and Use Split Payments

The Split Payments feature needs to be enabled at the site level, meaning if a business has multiple sites set up within their Zeller Account, the feature must be enabled for each site. This can be done via Site Settings on the Zeller Terminal or remotely via the Dashboard.

Once Split Payments has been enabled, two buttons will be displayed when taking a payment: Split and Charge. Choosing Split gives the customer an option of how they want the payment divided, either by people or by amount.

The ‘Split by People’ option allows customers to split a total into even parts, up to a total of 20 splits. The ‘Split by Custom Amount’ option allows customers to input a custom amount, with the payment flow looping until the total is paid in full.

Each split payment is treated as an individual transaction and is displayed in the transaction history list. A new Split Payment Details section has been added to the Transaction Details screen for easy tracking and reconciliation of split payments.

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