Uqudo and Tamara Forge Strategic Partnership, Set to Revolutionize GCC's BNPL Sector

Published 5 months ago

Uqudo, a top digital identity company in the MEA region, has formed a groundbreaking alliance with Tamara, a leading fintech platform in the GCC. This collaboration marks an important step in the financial landscape of the GCC, with potential to transform digital transactions within the BNPL sector.

A Milestone for GCC’s Financial Landscape

Tamara, based in the KSA and boasting millions of users and thousands of partner merchants across the GCC, has been a significant player in shaping the regions shopping, payments, and banking sectors. As a pioneer in the BNPL landscape, Tamara was one of the first companies to secure a permit from the Saudi Central Bank for BNPL services and has the distinction of being the Kingdom’s first homegrown fintech unicorn.

The rapid digital growth in the region has led to a surge in demand for robust identity verification. Uqudo, known for its innovative technology and identity platform, will integrate its solutions into Tamara’s BNPL platform.

Elevating User Experience and Security

The partnership aims to streamline the user onboarding process, strengthen fraud prevention measures, and guarantee a secure experience for Tamara’s growing customer base. By leveraging Uqudo’s advanced technology, Tamara hopes to bolster its platform’s overall security, offering seamless BNPL transactions that don’t compromise privacy and security.

Abdulmajeed Alsukhan, Tamara’s CEO and co-founder, underlines the importance of this partnership, stating that it aligns with their commitment to being customer-centric and upholding high standards of privacy and security.

On the other hand, Benjamin Haas, CCO of Uqudo, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, sharing that Uqudo’s proprietary technology will provide Tamara’s users with a seamless experience, thereby establishing a new standard for trust in digital transactions.

A New Era for the BNPL Industry

This partnership between Uqudo and Tamara is set to revolutionize the BNPL sector, establishing new standards for user experience, security, and innovation.

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