LHV Bank Partners with OpenAI: Licenses ChatGPT Enterprise

Published about 1 month ago

London-based LHV Bank has inked a partnership with OpenAI. The deal allows the bank to license ChatGPT Enterprise, enabling unlimited access to the GenAI toolset for all its employees.

Enhanced Interaction and Advanced Data Handling

The agreement enables LHV Bank to implement ChatGPT Enterprise across its operations. This includes training a selected team of champion users and educating all employees on potential applications. The enterprise edition of ChatGPT provides numerous benefits over the standard version. These include improved interaction quality, greater customisation options, and advanced data handling.

Hiring AI Engineers for Implementation

Erki Kilu, CEO of LHV Bank Limited, has revealed plans to hire dedicated AI engineers. These professionals will assist employees in implementing their creative ideas and visions of incorporating AI into various daily tasks.

A Versatile Tool for Various Applications

ChatGPT can serve various functions, such as a personal assistant, sparring partner, creative collaborator, and trusted advisor. It can be applied in a spectrum of operations from coding and data analysis to market research and value innovation. Kilu has expressed immense excitement about the potential of the tool, citing its potential to boost automation and efficiency in all aspects of operations. Furthermore, it can help in the development of new customer solutions.