Yuno and Bamboo Payment Systems Join Forces to Revolutionize Cross-Border Payments in LATAM

Published 7 months ago

Cross-border payments, where the issuer and recipient of funds are located in different countries, have always been a crucial pillar of international trade. These transfers often involve a complex network of currency conversions and regulatory checks, which can be tedious and costly for the companies involved. However, Yuno, the global payment orchestration platform, and Bamboo Payment have formed a partnership to simplify and optimize online international payments for businesses in LATAM.

The partnership between Yuno and Bamboo Payment aims to address the challenges commonly associated with cross-border transactions, such as delays, procedural complications, and high fees. The collaboration is set to offer a clear and obstacle-free path for companies engaged in international trade, providing a more linear and cost-effective method to manage financial transactions.

Yuno and Bamboo Payment: A Powerful Alliance

With a focus on easy modification of payment processes, Yuno has already established its presence in the payment sector, enabling smart routing and providing an intuitive control panel for workflow. On the other hand, Bamboo Payment, with offices in various locations in Latin America and connections with instant and traditional payment methods in eleven countries, is known for offering both payment and collection capabilities, as well as promoting agile business decisions.

“The collaboration with Bamboo Payment is a strategic step to ensure smoother and more accessible international transactions. Our goal through this partnership is to make financial operations, especially cross-border ones, more efficient and economically viable for companies in the region,” said Juan Pablo Ortega, co-founder of Yuno.

Facilitating E-commerce and Digital Transactions

As e-commerce and digital transactions are on the rise, the Yuno-Bamboo collaboration is ideally positioned to facilitate and foster this development, allowing both local and international companies to effectively access and serve consumers worldwide.

“This partnership allows us to connect our technologies and experiences to access instant and local payment solutions across Latin America, opening up new possibilities and reducing barriers in payments,” said Francisco León, CEO of Bamboo Payment. He also noted that the partnership would start a journey towards a more integrated and borderless payment ecosystem in the region, unlocking the immense growth potential within the LatAm consumer base.

The agreement between Yuno and Bamboo Payment promises to elevate the operations of companies in the region to a new level of simplicity and efficiency, allowing their joint solutions to handle financial transactions with greater practicality and economy.

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