Wibond Launches "Dame Cuatro" Service Amid Inflation

Published 7 months ago

In a high-inflation environment where prices increase monthly, Wibond has launched its service “Dame Cuatro” for its over 500,000 users. This service allows purchases at participating stores in four interest-free installments using a debit card.

Over 4 million Argentines have recently chosen not to use credit cards, and a significant portion of the population does not own one. In such a scenario, debit cards emerge as a sound option to regain purchasing power and make installment-based purchases.

Wibond’s Response to Economic Retraction

Wibond representatives have voiced the need to offer alternative solutions that align with consumers’ budgets. They aim to ensure everyone can access certain goods without resorting to credit card debt, especially during the current period of economic retraction affecting Argentine consumption.

Presently, an estimated 66 million debit cards are in circulation compared to 22 million credit cards. However, there are issues updating purchasing limits. Nevertheless, debit card purchases account for over 50% of total transactions.

Wibond’s new venture will be available throughout September at affiliated stores for all users with an account on the app.

How “Dame Cuatro” Works

To start making purchases in four interest-free installments with a debit card, users need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Create an account on Wibond and link the debit card.
  • Visit one of the stores participating in the 4-installment service.
  • Fill the shopping cart with favorite products. Users will then be redirected to Wibond, where they select the 4-installment, interest-free payment plan with a debit card. The first installment is paid immediately, and subsequent payments are made on due dates associated with the account.

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