Activates Cartes Bancaires on Tap to Pay on iPhone

Published about 2 months ago has achieved another first among acquirers like Adyen, Banque Populaire, Caisse d’Epargne, and BNP Paribas. The company has activated Cartes Bancaires (CB), a leading card and mobile payment and withdrawal system in France, on Tap to Pay on iPhone. This move allows businesses to accept contactless payments from nearly 76 million card or mobile holders in the CB scheme.

Groundbreaking Move for Payment Flexibility

The integration of Tap to Pay on iPhone with the Terminal app represents a significant stride towards freeing merchants from traditional payment terminals. It promises to streamline payments, simplify daily operations, and offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility. | Terminal App: A Game-Changer for Businesses

The Terminal app turns any iPhone into a mobile payment terminal. The app enables businesses, regardless of size or industry, to accept CB cards with Tap to Pay on iPhone. This functionality extends from cafes, restaurants, and retailers, to hotels, taxis, and solo traders, allowing payments on the spot or on the go.

How Tap to Pay on iPhone Works

To start accepting CB cards with Tap to Pay on iPhone, merchants need to download the Terminal app from the App Store. They can use this on an iPhone XS or newer models running the latest version of iOS. At checkout, the merchant will present their iPhone to the customer, who will tap or hold their contactless payment card or device near the merchant’s iPhone. The Tap to Pay on iPhone feature uses the built-in security and privacy features of iPhone to ensure the privacy and security of businesses and customer data.

Collaborative Success

The successful integration of CB on Tap to Pay on iPhone is the result of two months of intense collaboration between CB, Frenchsys, Elitt, and Loÿs Moulin, Development Director at CB, expressed his satisfaction with’s rapid adaptation of its Terminal app to accommodate this feature.

Samy Touboul, Head of E-Commerce & Enterprise at France, emphasized that connecting with local financial systems and enabling direct connectivity to dominant local payment schemes has been crucial to’s expansion in its 24 European markets. He expressed honor at being the first acquirer to make CB available on Tap to Pay on iPhone, emphasizing that this development will simplify payments for merchants and millions of CB cardholders.

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