Tebi Launches Tap to Pay Feature in the Netherlands

Published 6 months ago

Tebi, an Amsterdam-based startup, has launched a Tap to Pay feature, marking the first time a cash register platform has introduced such a service in the Netherlands. The feature simplifies the payment process for businesses and customers, increasing convenience for both.

Enhancing Convenience for Entrepreneurs

Tebi’s Tap to Pay feature allows anyone with an iPhone X or newer to accept payments. The company’s co-founder, Arnout Schuijff, who also co-founded and was CTO of Adyen, underlines the importance of the feature for entrepreneurs, particularly during financially challenging periods.

According to Schuijff, Tap to Pay eliminates the need for business owners to invest in a payment terminal for accepting contactless payments. This is particularly beneficial for those wishing to start a business but are deterred by high costs.

Offering Backup Payment Options

Tebi’s Tap to Pay on iPhone also serves as a backup payment option for larger companies during terminal failures, internet outages, or peak hours. Entrepreneurs can use this feature for free until 2024 upon registration. From January, each Tap to Pay transaction will incur a €0.06 fee in addition to Tebi Payments fees.

About Tebi

Founded in 2020, Tebi provides an all-in-one platform for businesses, offering cash register services, payments, inventory tracking, and QR orders. The startup aims to support global SMEs by supplying high-quality tools at affordable rates, thereby saving businesses both costs and time.

Tebi’s platform includes three core components necessary for starting and running a business: an accounting backbone, Point of Sale (POS), and Payments. The startup prides itself on avoiding lock-in contracts, hidden fees, or additional charges for features or devices, and plans to introduce more modules in the future to enhance its platform further.

Tebi’s Tap to Pay on iPhone enables businesses to accept payments from customers using Maestro debit cards, Visa/Mastercard debit & credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. This service provides a broad range of convenient payment options for both merchants and customers.

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