Square Unveils Ten New AI-Powered Features for Sellers

Published 7 months ago

Square has introduced ten new generative AI features to enhance operational efficiency for its sellers. These tools are directly embedded into Square’s business software, providing an extra set of hands to help sellers manage the complex demands of running a business.

A Step Towards Square’s AI Goal

Earlier in 2023, Square highlighted generative AI as a key business priority, aiming to equip sellers with AI-powered tools for time and cost savings. The launch of these new features marks a significant move towards achieving this goal. The tools not only offer practical products for the sellers but also provide value across the Square ecosystem, regardless of the products - or combination of products - a seller uses.

Highlighting Key AI-Powered Features

Among the new generative AI-powered features, the Menu Generator allows restaurants to quickly create a full menu on Square. Another tool, Photo Environments, enables e-commerce sellers to enhance their websites with hyperreal AI-generated backgrounds and choose from over 50 style prompts. Since its beta release on July 1, sellers have created and saved over 14,000 AI Environment images through the Photo Studio app.

Content Creation Assistance

The new features also assist sellers in content creation, generating AI-produced content for their public sites, item descriptions, and marketing content. For instance, Square Marketing now offers integrated AI to generate personalized email copy. Square Team Communication enables employers to efficiently inform staff about new products, upcoming promotions, and more with AI-generated copy. Square Online’s AI-assisted copy generator helps sellers improve their websites and boost SEO.

Onboarding and Set-Up Tools

For those setting up a business or switching to Square, AI-enabled tools focused on onboarding and setup assist sellers in activating their accounts and catalogs. For example, Square Point of Sale’s new AI-powered starter library suggests items for sellers to adopt based on insights about their business. Square Appointments has also made switching booking platforms easier by using AI to automatically import service names, descriptions, durations, and prices during onboarding.

Operational Efficiency Enhancements

With a focus on operational efficiency, these new features provide sellers with powerful tools to increase productivity and optimize their workflows. For instance, Square KDS can now auto-assign menu items to kitchen categories and station screens to streamline workflows for back-of-house staff. The AI-generated product descriptions enable sellers to add new inventory quicker and get them ready for sale.

Square has been known for the depth and breadth of its integrated ecosystem, and the inclusion of generative AI in its products continues to put Square and its sellers at the forefront of technology. The newly launched features join longstanding AI-powered solutions like Square Messages, which now generates about 450,000 messages per month with AI. All features announced are currently available to sellers, with some accessed through Square’s beta program.

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