SoftPay and Dotykacka Form Strategic Partnership for Tap-to-Phone Payments in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Published 6 months ago

Tap-to-phone technology provider, SoftPay, and multifunctional point-of-sale (POS) system solution provider, Dotykacka, have announced a strategic partnership to meet the growing demand for contactless payment acceptance in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The shared goal of this collaboration is to provide businesses with a variety of point-of-sale options that serve mobile workforces, offer self-service, and emergency SoftPOS solutions.

The partnership with Dotykacka is supported by NexiNexi Central Europe (formerly known as SIA). As the provider of acquiring for all Central European countries, Nexi’s extensive expertise in payment processing and strong presence in the financial services industry were key to the realization of this partnership.

SoftPay’s User-Friendly Contactless Payment Acceptance

SoftPay offers a quick and user-friendly method to initiate contactless payment acceptance on any Android-based device. The solution is available for download from Google Play and can be used in standalone mode or through various integration options. The primary objective is to provide businesses in these regions with accessible and efficient contactless payment acceptance solutions that do not require specific hardware.

The Changing Payment Landscape in the Czech Republic

The partnership comes at a time when the payment industry is undergoing significant changes. Recent market research reveals that more than two-thirds (67%) of consumers in the Czech Republic prefer conducting transactions exclusively through non-cash methods. This figure emphasizes the growing importance of digital payment solutions. SoftPay allows any Android device to function as a payment terminal, offering greater flexibility and enhancing customer interactions.

Dotykacka’s CEO, Petr Menclík, believes that as the payment landscape evolves, innovative solutions are paramount. He states, “We believe that our partnership with SoftPay will play a pivotal role in driving this transformation”. With a shared vision of facilitating secure, efficient payment transactions, SoftPay and Dotykacka aim to provide tap-to-phone solutions that cater to the changing preferences of consumers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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