Softpay Now Accepts BankAxept, Pioneering Tap-To-Phone Payment Solutions

Published about 2 months ago

The leading card scheme in Norway, BankAxept, is now accepted by Softpay as part of their advanced payment solutions. This makes Softpay the first company to offer a tap-to-phone solution that accepts BankAxept, enabling swift and secure transactions for both merchants and customers.

Successful Integration During Pilot Phase

Throughout the pilot phase, effective partnerships with Plantasjen, Kristiansand Dyrepark, and others, resulted in the successful integration of Softpay’s technology with BankAxept’s payment scheme. Merchants can utilize any Android device to process BankAxept cards in-store, at pop-up locations, or for deliveries, enhancing mobility and reducing transaction costs.

Wide Adoption by Various Merchants

Softpay has been adopted successfully by a diverse range of businesses, from small local hairdressers and restaurants to global merchants in fields such as fashion, health and beauty, and sports retail.

Softpay’s head in Norway, Halvor Kaafjeld, expressed satisfaction with the project implementation and described the integration with BankAxept as “super good news” for both existing customers and those eager to commence using the service.

Future Trend: Software-Based Solutions

Kaafjeld also highlighted the ongoing trend of merchants opting for more software-based solutions, moving away from traditional physical payment terminals. Many Norwegian cash register systems are already integrated with Softpay, enabling users to manage both cash register and payment applications on the same device.

BankAxept: A Key Player in the Norwegian Economy

BankAxept plays a crucial role in the Norwegian economy, handling a significant portion of in-store transactions with its cost-effective and widely recognized payment system. Its integration with Softpay provides merchants across Norway with access to secure, fast, and versatile payment options, thereby enhancing the customer experience.

Softpay Supports Various Acquirers, Card Schemes, and Digital Wallets

Softpay’s platform supports a range of acquirers, card schemes, and digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. This ensures that businesses can easily meet customer’s payment preferences, using tap-to-phone technology that turns any Android device into a contactless payment terminal with a pin.

Anita Frantzen, head of physical cards in BankAxept, expressed satisfaction with BankAxept’s availability as an app-solution. She believes that the combination of traditional terminals and multiple mobile selling points will be commonplace in the future, providing flexibility for businesses with peak periods.

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