Roqqett to Launch Innovative Payment Suite at Open Banking Expo

Published 6 months ago

Open Banking payment platform, Roqqett, is preparing to introduce its A2A (Account to Account) payment suite at the Open Banking Expo, scheduled for the 18th of October 2023.

The Power of Roqqett Pay

Roqqett’s solution, Roqqett Pay, promises to significantly streamline online purchases, yielding quicker checkout times for customers. It also offers businesses instant gross settlements and lower fees compared to traditional card issuers. Importantly, Roqqett Pay allows customers to make payments directly through their banking apps.

The single-click checkout solution leads users to their bank’s authentication process on their mobile device, eliminating the need to enter card details. This approach not only creates a secure purchase journey but also avoids the fees and chargebacks typically associated with card payments.

For businesses, Roqqett Pay is considerably more cost-effective than major card issuers, being on average 74% cheaper. It additionally supports business growth by resolving cash flow challenges through instant settlements.

Roqqett’s First Customer: FairFX

Roqqett’s first customer is the multi-currency card provider, FairFX. Roqqett enables FairFX cardholders to instantly top up their cards using their banking app, which significantly eases the management of their finances, regardless of their location.

Jack Mitchell, Director at FairFX, expressed his satisfaction with the new solution, emphasizing its beneficial impact on security, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Roqqett’s Journey and Future Prospects

Founded in 2020, Roqqett’s mission is to make payments faster and frictionless. In November 2022, it was acquired by the Equals Group, a development that equipped Roqqett with resources not available to other Open Banking solutions, including multi-currency IBAN’s with instant gross settlement.

Paul Stephens, Chief Commercial Officer at Roqqett, expressed his excitement about the upcoming launch of their transformative solution at the Open Banking Expo. He believes that Roqqett Pay can offer a lifeline to online businesses, particularly in a challenging economic environment characterized by high operating costs and fees.

The team from Roqqett will showcase their innovative solution at the Open Banking Expo, London, on the 18th and 19th of October 2023.

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