Rokt Partners With Afterpay To Enhance Ecommerce Experience

Published 8 months ago

Leading ecommerce technology company, Rokt, recently announced a partnership with Afterpay, a global leader in the “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment sector. The collaboration aims to present Afterpay’s ecommerce shoppers with highly relevant offers during the checkout process, enhancing the shopping experience while fostering new revenue and boosting customer lifetime value.

A More Engaging Shopping Experience

Afterpay is set on delivering a meaningful and relevant shopping experience for its customers, a mission that the partnership with Rokt will undoubtedly support. The integration of Rokt’s ecommerce technology will allow Afterpay to enhance its in-app offering and provide more choices to shoppers at checkout.

Saket Mehta, Global Head of Advertising Partnerships and Strategy at Afterpay, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, noting that it will help further their mission to offer the most relevant shopping experiences.

Delivering Targeted Advertising Experiences

With Rokt’s ecommerce solution, Afterpay, alongside its thousands of retail partners, can deliver targeted, relevant, and seamless advertising experiences to customers during the checkout process. This partnership empowers retailers to provide a more engaging shopping experience.

Elizabeth Buchanan, Chief Commercial Officer of Rokt, shared the company’s excitement about being chosen by Afterpay to enhance their customers’ shopping experiences. She also pointed out the significance of this partnership, as both Rokt and Afterpay were originally founded in Australia and are now partnering on a global scale.

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