Prex and Tapi Join Forces in Peru and Argentina

Published 8 months ago

Prex, a financial platform offering a virtual wallet and prepaid Mastercard in Latin America, has teamed up with Tapi, a payment processing service. This partnership aims to enhance the experience of making recurring payments for users in Peru and Argentina.

A New Age of Payment Processing

With this integration, users of Tapi’s system will have the capability to scan and settle bills for over 15,000 local businesses. This covers a broad range of sectors such as electricity, water, telecom, internet, education, and more.

Tapi’s technology empowers banks, fintechs, crypto wallets, and other platforms. This allows them to handle payments for service top-ups and gain access to gift cards through a single integration.

Boosting Financial Management Capabilities

Thanks to this collaboration, customers of Prex will now be able to manage their finances more efficiently using the Tapi app. This application is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. This step towards digitization is expected to facilitate a hassle-free payment experience for customers in the region.

In essence, the strategic partnership between Prex and Tapi signifies a move towards a more streamlined and simplified financial management experience for users in Peru and Argentina.

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