Payroc Partners with Ingenico to Launch AXIUM Terminal Line

Published 6 months ago

Payroc, a leading payment processing platform, has announced a partnership with Ingenico, a global leader in payments acceptance solutions. The collaboration will see the release of the Ingenico AXIUM terminal line. This move combines Ingenico’s state-of-the-art AXIUM technology and Payroc’s robust processing platform to offer a faster and more convenient experience for their partners and merchants.

The Forefront of Smart Point-of-Sale Technology

The AXIUM line represents the latest in smart point-of-sale technology, enabling merchants to accept all payment types seamlessly. Powered by Payroc’s robust application, these innovative terminals provide a reliable solution that enhances payment acceptance capabilities. The partnership between Payroc and Ingenico combines the advanced AXIUM technology with high-quality, durable hardware, promising reliability and resilience in high-volume scenarios.

User-Friendly Interface and Enhanced Security

Featuring a user-friendly touchscreen interface, the initial launch of Android-based AXIUM devices is set to give partners a competitive edge by accelerating merchant operations and delivering uncompromising security. The initial launch will feature the AXIUM DX8000, a smart payment terminal designed for versatile environments, including retail and hospitality. The DX8000 promises convenience and enables merchants to serve more customers quickly, thereby capitalizing on every growth opportunity.

Aiming for Success

Casey Conley, Chief Product Officer, expressed excitement about the partnership with Ingenico and the launch of the AXIUM device line. He emphasized the aim to empower partners and merchants with a reliable, secure, and forward-leaning terminal line that integrates with Payroc’s omnichannel offerings.

Skip Hinshaw, Chief Sales Officer, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the goal of enhancing customer engagement and checkout experience. The intent is to provide partners and merchants with peace of mind so their day-to-day business can flourish.

In conclusion, the launch of the AXIUM smart payment terminal line by Payroc equips merchants with a comprehensive lineup of devices. These tools offer flexibility, convenience, and reliability, essential aspects for thriving in today’s competitive landscape.

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