PayPal Joins the Curve Wallet

Published 8 months ago

In a recent development, Curve has announced its partnership with PayPal to bring the online payment platform into the offline and real world.

Offline PayPal Transactions

The new integration allows PayPal to function like any other payment card added to the Curve wallet. Users can simply sign into their PayPal account via the Curve app to start spending. To get started, a bank account or an eligible payment card must be attached to the user’s PayPal wallet. However, it should be noted that AMEX and VISA cards are currently not eligible for this service.

Once set up, users can switch between paying with their PayPal balance or any attached cards anytime from the PayPal app. The integration also allows payment through both the physical Curve card and smartphone digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Similarities and Differences with Other Cards

The PayPal functionality within the Curve app is similar to other payment cards. It offers features such as moving transactions, withdrawing cash at an ATM, and earning cashback. Interestingly, users can also pay off their Curve Flex loans using PayPal.

However, the service is currently only available to customers with UK PayPal accounts. Additionally, while making transactions using PayPal through Curve, users will not be covered by PayPal Purchase Protection. Instead, Curve Customer Protection will cover them.

Earn Rewards with PayPal and Curve

The integration allows users to continue earning their usual PayPal rewards. Moreover, for those on a premium Curve tier, the opportunity to double up and get twice as many rewards is available.

Unfortunately, the ‘Pay in 3’ service, which requires PayPal to be selected at checkout, is not available through Curve.

In conclusion, the partnership between Curve and PayPal offers an exciting new way for customers to make their payments, combining the convenience of online payment platforms with the tangible reality of physical cards.

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