Nuvei Rolls Out Omnichannel Payments Solution Beyond North America

Published 17 days ago

Nuvei Corporation, a Canadian fintech firm, has announced the launch of its enhanced omnichannel payments solution for merchants and platforms beyond North America for the first time. The company’s unified commerce offering is set to allow businesses to create superior customer payment experiences with more control and unified analytics.

Enabling Businesses Across Various Sectors

Nuvei’s flexible solution supports merchants and partners by enhancing their payment offerings across numerous use cases. Diverse sectors such as consumer retail, restaurant and hospitality, travel, and iGaming can leverage this technology to provide their customers with a tailored, convenient checkout experience across various channels.

Philip Fayer, Nuvei Chair and CEO, stated that a unified approach to payments across channels is becoming increasingly essential for businesses to meet customer expectations, optimize revenues, and accelerate growth.

Powerful Features of Nuvei’s Unified Commerce Solution

The omnichannel solution from Nuvei integrates the best of its card-present (CP) and card-not-present (CNP) technology for eCommerce, mobile, and in-store transactions. This allows merchants to merge their online and retail payment acceptance into a single, seamless integration for multiple jurisdictions.

Additional consumer-centric features include the ability to buy or add products to the checkout basket through one channel and modify the purchase or request a refund through another. Businesses can also implement separate pricing, loyalty, and incentive programs for online and physical channels.

Streamlined Operations and Comprehensive Analytics

Nuvei’s platform provides a comprehensive view of reporting analytics and insights for both CP and CNP transactions. This offers businesses the critical data necessary to make informed decisions to optimize their payments function holistically. Other streamlined operations include a single consistent developer experience and centralizing payment processing across channels through tokenizing transactions.

The company’s flexible approach to retail payments hardware allows merchants to utilize its in-house, semi-integrated cloud solution Verifone Android terminals, or to adopt a ‘bring your own device’ model.

Global Reach and Support

Nuvei’s global reach, including local acquiring capabilities in 50 countries and connectivity to 680 alternative online payment methods (APMs), enables businesses to scale their omnichannel payments internationally as they expand into new markets.

According to Fayer, as businesses expand into new markets, partnering with payment providers that can simplify processes while still offering the agility and insights to optimize growth is crucial. Nuvei’s omnichannel solution enables businesses to reach customers through payments on every channel effortlessly.

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