Nokia 2660 Flip Phone Introduces UPI Scan and Pay Functionality

Published 7 months ago

HMD Global, the company behind Nokia phones, has added a new feature to their classic Nokia 2660 Flip phones. The UPI Scan and Pay feature allows users to conduct secure digital transactions with a simple press of a button.

UPI Scan and Pay Feature

The UPI Scan and Pay feature will not only be available for new buyers of the Nokia 2660 Flip but also for existing users. HMD Global has ensured this by rolling out a software update to the current user base, thereby promoting digital payment inclusivity.

New Colors and Classic Design

In addition to the new feature, the Nokia 2660 Flip now comes in two new colors: Pop Pink and Lush Green. The phone retains its classic flip phone design with a durable clamshell structure. It features a rear camera, a long-lasting battery, and essential functionalities like SMS and calls. The nostalgic Snake game also makes a return in this model.

Growing Popularity of Flip Phones

HMD Global has experienced a significant increase in its flip phone market share, doubling from 2021 to 2022. The company expects this growth to continue in 2023 as more people choose these devices to disconnect from their smartphones and reconnect with their communities.

User-Friendly Design

The flip design simplifies call handling by bringing the microphone and earpiece closer to the user’s face. The 2.8-inch display, user-friendly interface, and front display for recognizing incoming calls contribute to its simplicity. The phone also features an emergency button for quick contact with loved ones in emergencies.

Quality and Durability

The Nokia 2660 Flip is designed for clear call quality with adjustable volume settings and compatibility with hearing aids. It has undergone rigorous durability tests, enduring tens of thousands of flip cycles thanks to its robust polycarbonate construction.

Balancing Convenience and Nostalgia

The introduction of the UPI Scan and Pay feature and the new colors for the Nokia 2660 Flip aligns with the growing demand for feature phones that offer both convenience and nostalgia. It is ideal for users who wish to cut down their screen time, reconnect with the world, and enjoy the ease of digital payments.

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