MX Technologies Enhances Trustly's Open Banking Product Suite

Published 5 months ago

MX Technologies, Inc. has revealed that its data enhancement services will be incorporated into Trustly’s Open Banking product suite. Trustly, a firm widely relied on by over 8,300 global merchants for enabling direct bank payments by consumers, will now leverage MX’s data enhancement to improve their services.

Understanding MX’s Data Enhancement

MX’s data enhancement service transforms raw transaction data into simplified, readable descriptions. This process is achieved by cleaning and categorizing consumer-permissioned transaction data, providing merchants with a clear understanding of consumer needs and preferences.

Jim Magats, CEO at MX, emphasized the importance of context in data, stating that without it, data is meaningless for both organizations and consumers. He added that MX’s data enhancement services could simplify transaction data, making it easier for organizations to identify, organize, and take action based on financial data.

Improving Consumer Experiences

Consumers increasingly demand personalized experiences, streamlined processes, and customized offers to enhance their financial lives. With MX’s data enhancement services, merchants using Trustly’s leading payment solutions can now be better equipped to deliver these personalized experiences at scale.

Alexandre Gonthier, CEO at Trustly, affirmed their commitment to enhancing value for their merchants and, ultimately, their consumers. He expressed excitement about partnering with MX to enhance their tools, enabling their merchants to better understand and support their customers.

Pay with Bank: An Efficient Payment Solution

Pay with Bank, a feature of Trustly, provides consumers with an intuitive, fast, and safe payment method. It allows merchants to create better experiences and reduce costs with an efficient payment solution. By integrating MX’s data enhancement into this, merchants can also gain clear information to inform and provide more personalized marketing offers and loyalty programs.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Trustly and MX Technologies represents a significant step forward in improving consumer experiences and providing merchants with valuable insights into consumer behavior.

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