Montonio Integrates BLIK into Merchant Checkouts in Poland

Published 7 months ago

Montonio has enhanced the online shopping experience with the integration of BLIK into merchant checkouts in Poland. This latest update reflects Montonio’s determination to keep pace with changing consumer preferences by providing a streamlined payment process specifically designed for the Polish market.

BLIK: Poland’s Preferred Payment Method

Founded in 2015, BLIK has become the most popular mobile payment method in Poland. At present, more than 90% of customers from Polish financial institutions have the option to use BLIK in their mobile banking applications. The appeal of BLIK lies in its simplicity: users only need a 6-digit code generated in the BLIK app to complete a transaction.

In a significant shift, customers can now enter this code directly at the merchant’s checkout, eliminating the need to be redirected to any external websites. This seamless integration is crucial given the Polish consumer’s clear preference for BLIK.

Benefits of Direct Integration

Andrzej Bagiński, Montonio’s Poland Country Manager, acknowledged BLIK’s influential role in Poland’s e-commerce sector. He explained that with the new update, consumers can effortlessly enter their BLIK code directly in the checkout, removing the need for any external redirects.

He further highlighted the advantages of incorporating BLIK directly. Not only can merchants offer a familiar and preferred payment method, but consumers also benefit from a quicker and more intuitive transaction process. Bagiński emphasized that while their previous BLIK implementation had commendable conversion rates, this direct integration sets the stage for an even smoother merchant and customer experience.

BLIK is now available in Montonio’s checkout via their API, and through a dedicated WooCommerce plugin, making it the first platform to display BLIK fields during the checkout phase. The timeline for integration into other platforms is yet to be determined.

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