Mangopay and Aria Team Up to Enhance B2B Payment Infrastructure

Published 7 months ago

Mangopay, a platform-specific payment infrastructure provider, has joined forces with Aria, a French-based embedded invoice financing provider. The collaboration aims to equip B2B marketplace and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) businesses with tools to streamline their payment and credit management. This partnership marries Mangopay’s adaptable payment solutions with Aria’s credit technology and lending offerings.

Enhancing the Payment Experience

The collaboration between Mangopay and Aria comes as the B2B marketplace and SaaS sectors continue to grow. To support businesses expanding domestically and internationally, a quality payment experience is essential. Aria’s B2B services include immediate payment options, deferred payment collections, funds disbursement to vendors, and management of marketplace operator commissions. These services aim to reduce credit and payment risk for businesses.

In addition, Aria’s Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solutions allow business buyers to defer payment for up to 90 days, while sellers receive payment upon shipment. This offering supports cash flow management for both sellers and business buyers, increases sales volume, and improves the customer experience with tailored checkout options.

Aiming for Payment Innovation

The shared vision of Mangopay and Aria is to increase payment innovation for B2B marketplaces. By combining marketplace payment infrastructure with comprehensive credit solutions, the companies seek to give marketplaces control over their payment strategies, supplemented by access to trade credit. Mangopay’s solutions are designed to enhance the payment infrastructure and operations of global marketplaces and platforms, enabling them to develop and evolve their payments stack.

Mangopay’s Recent Advancements

Mangopay, which was launched in 2013, has been supporting the platform economy with its modular payment infrastructure. The company has aided 2,500 platforms and marketplaces with its end-to-end infrastructure, developed around its programmable e-wallet solution.

Recently, Mangopay secured an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence authorised by the FCA to deliver its services to UK customers and extend its reach in the region. In September 2023, Mangopay also partnered with VTEX and Kriya. These collaborations aimed to enhance the B2B payment experience and support the growth of global marketplaces by ensuring positive buying and selling experiences.

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