Klarna and Rokt Join Forces to Enhance Consumer Experience

Published 6 months ago

Sweden-based payments group Klarna has entered into a strategic partnership with Rokt to enhance its marketing solutions through the use of Rokt’s technology.

Expanding Marketing Solutions

The collaboration with Rokt seeks to increase relevant experiences for consumers using Klarna’s AI-powered shopping app. Rokt’s ecommerce technology aims to unlock additional revenues for businesses, acquire consumers at scale, and improve existing customer relationships.

The joint venture will enable brands to target consumer segments based on demographic and location, thereby ensuring the ads displayed are relevant to the shopper. For instance, Klarna customers can now access deals from brands such as Hulu, HelloFresh, and AdoreMe.

According to Klarna officials, this partnership’s goal is to provide retailers with the opportunity to connect with their target audience, maximise conversions, and create curated shopping experiences for consumers.

Klarna’s Continued Growth

Founded in 2005, Klarna boasts 150 million active users globally and facilitates 2 million transactions per day. The company’s AI-powered payment and shopping solutions aim to revolutionize online shopping and payment procedures. Numerous global retailers integrate Klarna’s technology and marketing solutions, including H&M, Sephora, Macy’s, Ikea, Expedia Group, and Nike, among others.

In recent developments, Klarna launched a new AI-driven shopping feature in October 2023. This feature allows users to shop by capturing images of desired products, which are then accessible for purchase through the Klarna mobile app.

A Glimpse at Rokt

Rokt’s ecommerce technology enables companies to increase transaction value by offering relevant messages at the moment customers are most likely to convert. The company’s machine-learning technology processes global transactions for enterprises such as Live Nation, AMC Theatres, PayPal, Uber, Hulu, and HelloFresh. Rokt currently operates in 15 countries across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

In August 2023, Rokt collaborated with Lyft to offer personalized experiences to US and Canada-based customers. This partnership enabled Lyft to provide relevant offers to riders through its application, supporting the Lyft Media division as it expands.

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