JCB and Stripe Expand Partnership for Europe, Singapore, and Hong Kong

Published 7 months ago

JCB International Co., Ltd., and financial infrastructure platform Stripe, have announced an extended partnership for Europe, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The collaboration aims to provide growth opportunities for Stripe’s e-commerce merchants in these regions, welcoming JCB’s cardmembers.

A Growing Partnership

The expansion of the partnership between JCB and Stripe builds on an initial collaboration established for the Japanese market in July 2017. Since then, the companies have strengthened their collaboration, extending it to regions including the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

As part of the latest expansion, Stripe added JCB to its default payment scheme for merchants in the UK and Ireland in August 2023, and for merchants in other European countries, Singapore, and Hong Kong in October 2023.

Statements from the Companies

Yoshiki Kaneko, President & CEO of JCB International Co., Ltd., expressed excitement for the expanded relationship with Stripe, praising the company’s global presence and innovative technological solutions. Kaneko highlighted the value of secure and fast transactions to e-commerce merchants, stating that the partnership could provide a valuable additional payment option for JCB cardmembers.

Jeanne DeWitt Grosser, Global Head of Partnerships at Stripe, echoed Kaneko’s sentiments. She emphasized that the partnership would make it easier for businesses to sell to customers in Japan and across Asia, delivering new benefits to internet businesses and JCB cardmembers.

About Stripe

Stripe is a financial platform used by millions of companies worldwide, from large enterprises to ambitious startups. The company provides infrastructure for businesses to accept payments, grow their revenue, and accelerate new business opportunities. It is headquartered in San Francisco and Dublin, and aims to increase the GDP of the internet.

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