Hokodo and Balance Partner to Redefine Global Payment Terms

Published 6 months ago

Europe-based Hokodo and US-based Balance have announced a groundbreaking partnership that aims to transform the global payment terms scenario. This collaboration will generate new opportunities for B2B buyers and sellers, establishing a one-stop shop for payment terms.

A Strategic Approach to Growth

The partnership will enable global B2B companies to easily offer flexible payment terms to customers across Europe and North America. As merchants seek growth and customer acquisition, favourable payment terms emerge as a strategic method to attain these goals. The easy and quick access to credit is vital in building a loyal customer base that continues to purchase.

The Demand for Unified Payment Terms

Recent research by Balance and Hokodo reveals the importance of a unified payment terms solution that seamlessly extends across multiple regions. An impressive 62% of B2B sellers expressed the need for such a solution. This partnership meets this demand and signifies a significant step in the evolution of digital trade credit.

The Features of the Financing Solution

The global financing solution provided by Hokodo and Balance offers:

  • Swift and Adaptable Payment Terms: Buyers and sellers have access to flexible financing terms, offering unmatched convenience to all stakeholders.
  • Technology-Powered Confidence: The partnership leverages the robust technological foundations of both companies to ensure speed, compliance, and reliability in assessing buyer profiles.
  • Global Accessibility: The research by Balance and Hokodo indicates that only 16% of B2B sellers find it easy to offer payment terms to B2B buyers in new countries. This partnership allows B2B firms to provide payment terms to buyers in Europe and North America via a single solution.
  • API-First Approach: The partnership’s solutions, rooted in API technology, are fully flexible and modular, tailored specifically to the unique needs of merchants and marketplaces. These solutions can easily integrate into existing platforms and software.

The first to benefit from these transatlantic payment terms is FoodoMarket, a France-based food marketplace for restaurants and caterers.

Building a Future of Accessible Global Trade Credit

The partnership between Hokodo and Balance is set to make global trade credit more accessible and efficient. The collaboration aligns with the mission of both companies to empower global online merchants, enabling them to offer net terms to buyers as they scale their operations. This partnership is a significant step towards transforming the global payment landscape.

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