GoDaddy and Paze Team Up to Simplify Online Shopping Experience

Published 7 months ago

GoDaddy, the global platform for entrepreneurs, and Paze, an online payment solution, are joining forces to enhance online checkout processes, aiming to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts. This partnership marks GoDaddy as the first website builder to incorporate Paze into the checkout experience for small businesses.

Embracing Digital Wallets for Better Shopping Experience

The role of digital wallets in the modern shopping experience is undeniable, with over half of Americans stating they would cease shopping with a retailer that does not accept digital wallet payments. Small businesses utilizing GoDaddy’s Online Store and GoDaddy Payments will now be able to accept transactions via Paze.

Paze, which incorporates more than 150 million eligible credit and debit cards, enables consumers to avoid manual card entry, allowing for faster payment without the need to create new usernames or passwords. This streamlined process, supported by trusted financial institutions, is expected to not only simplify online checkouts but also diminish the incidence of abandoned shopping carts, fostering growth for small businesses.

Cost-Effective Card Processing with GoDaddy Payments

Furthermore, businesses utilizing GoDaddy Payments can benefit from savings of over 20% on card processing compared to other leading providers. Saurabh Mangal, the Head of Payments Products at GoDaddy, underscored the importance of an efficient checkout process, stating that converting abandoned carts can be difficult. The partnership with Paze will significantly enhance the checkout experience, helping small businesses to close more sales.

Paze is currently available to a select group of U.S.-based businesses on GoDaddy’s platform, with a full launch anticipated soon. Entrepreneurs can set up a GoDaddy Online Store with GoDaddy Payments, which will automatically accept Paze transactions once the rollout is complete.

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