Fintech Firms Druo and Yuno Forge Partnership for Direct Bank Account Payments in Colombia

Published 8 months ago

Druo and Yuno, two prominent fintech companies, have formed a partnership to provide businesses with an innovative and efficient payment solution.

An Innovative Payment Solution

Druo, known for its global account-to-account payment network, has teamed up with Yuno, a global payment orchestrator. Together, they offer businesses the ability to charge directly to bank accounts, even internationally.

Strategic Alliance for Global Payment Efficiency

This strategic alliance allows Yuno’s customers worldwide to access Druo’s solution directly from their platform. Druo is notable for its focus on cost-efficiency and improving the end user’s experience. With the ability to charge and pay directly to bank accounts, businesses will experience a significant simplification in their payment processes, resulting in time and resource savings.

Yuno, a global payment orchestrator, has been simplifying payment processes for businesses. By enabling companies to connect to different payment methods and anti-fraud tools through a single platform, Yuno has been paving the way for businesses to focus on their core business rather than worrying about building payment infrastructure.

Towards a Progressive Payment Process

“We are very excited to announce this alliance between Druo and Yuno that will allow any business to charge directly to bank accounts even on a recurring basis,” said Simon Pinilla, Co-founder of Druo.

The partnership between Druo and Yuno signifies a progressive approach to simplify and enhance payment processes in the region. With a focus on efficiency and customer convenience, this alliance promises to deliver an improved user experience and greater value for businesses worldwide.

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