EMV Payments Coming to Mass Transit with Masabi and Worldpay Collaboration

Published 8 months ago

Transit ticketing technology company, Masabi, has unveiled a new partnership with financial services technology leader, Worldpay from FIS. The collaboration will deliver a pre-integrated and pre-certified EMV payments solution for transit agencies of all sizes. The solution is designed to be robust, easy to implement, and reliable, providing a cost-effective option for agencies.

Utilizing Open Payments

By leveraging Open Payments, Masabi and Worldpay aim to create an EMV solution that transit agencies can deploy with ease. The solution aims to deliver a convenient user experience, allowing riders to tap and travel without the need to purchase a ticket or select their fare before traveling. Passengers can use their contactless payment card or mobile device to tap a validator upon boarding.

Simplifying System Adoption

The proposed solution includes a unique off-the-shelf configuration with pre-integrated validators, Level 3 EMV pre-certification, and a Merchant of Record service. This configuration simplifies the adoption of the Open Payment system. Once live, the system can be reconfigured to support all rider groups using Masabi’s ‘EMV-First’ methodology.

Supporting All Rider Groups

The solution isn’t just for those with bank accounts. It can be reconfigured to support all rider groups, providing the same experience as an open payments solution. This includes those who are banked, underbanked, cash users, those who require a discount, or those without a smartphone.

A New Era in Fare Payments

The collaboration between Masabi and Worldpay combines their technological prowess to deliver a highly customizable off-the-shelf offering to transit agencies of all sizes. This marks the beginning of a new era in fare payments, transforming how people interact with urban transit networks.

A User-friendly Solution

The Open Payments solution is seen as user-friendly and helps drive operational efficiency, reduce friction, and improve the overall travel experience for riders. The collaboration aims to deliver simple, scalable, and secure EMV payments solutions, enhancing the passenger experience.

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