Bluefin and CORE Announce Partnership to Enhance Payment Security

Published 6 months ago

Bluefin, a leading name in PCI-validated encryption and tokenization technologies, has formed a partnership with CORE, a provider of enterprise revenue and payment management solutions. This alliance aims to enhance the level of payment security for CORE’s customers.

Strengthening Payment Security with PCI-Validated Encryption

As part of the partnership, Bluefin will become CORE’s solution partner for PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) devices. This collaboration will decrease a customer’s PCI DSS compliance burden by over 70% and reduce PCI control scope at the point-of-sale environment by more than 90%.

Dan Paulus, CEO at CORE, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences across all payment channels. “Our partnership with Bluefin enables us to extend this commitment where omnichannel payments and security are critical components of customer satisfaction,” he said.

Enhanced Customer Experience and Security

The partnership aims to ensure all payment transactions are fully secured, end-to-end, across all channels, offering clients and their customers the assurance they need to transact with confidence.

Robbie Niedergall, SVP Sales at CORE, expressed confidence in the partnership, stating, “With our expertise in omnichannel payments and Bluefin’s experience in P2PE and PCI compliance, we’re confident that our joint venture will provide a superior customer experience.”

Looking Towards a Secure Future

Bluefin’s Chief Sales Officer, Tom Savage, acknowledged CORE’s understanding of the importance of security for their diverse customer base. “They understand the advantages of PCI-compliant solutions and are clearly looking out for their customers’ best interest. We are thrilled to be delivering the added security and scope reduction benefits of PCI-validated point-to-point encryption,” he said.

This partnership is a significant step in improving payment security, aiming to provide secure, efficient, and modern payment options that align with customer expectations, thus leading to accelerated revenue attainment.

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