BigPay Partners with Thredd to Bolster Payment Services

Published 6 months ago

Southeast Asian fintech company, BigPay, is collaborating with Thredd to augment its payment services. The partnership will commence with BigPay’s upcoming launch in Thailand, and will extend to Indonesia and the Philippines by the start of 2024.

BigPay, currently operating in Malaysia and Singapore, offers over 1.4 million carded users a myriad of features. These include international transfers, payments, micro-insurance, personal loans, and spending analytics within the app.

BigPay’s Integration with AirAsia Superapp

Another development for BigPay is its planned integration with the airasia Superapp. This will facilitate effortless travel booking payments. Upon linking their accounts, users will gain the ability to pay for flights, accommodations, and more.

Thredd, previously known as Global Processing Services, is a global payments processor that serves fintechs, digital banks, and e-wallets.

The Role of Thredd’s Technology

Mitherpal Sidhu, COO of BigPay, emphasized the need for a payments technology partner that understands digital banks, embedded finance, and the complexities of the region. Sidhu commended Thredd’s next-gen payments tech for its reliability and flexibility, and its investment in dynamic emerging technologies, such as generative AI, as a unique advantage.

Anticipating Digital Transformation

Damien Gough, Head of Asia-Pacific at Thredd, expressed enthusiasm for integrating Thredd’s next-gen tech into BigPay’s platform. Gough stressed the importance of solutions like BigPay’s in pioneering a new interconnected financial services ecosystem that benefits all Southeast Asian residents. He looks forward to partnering with them during their expansion across the region.

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