Alipay+ Rolls Out #MoneyCannotBuy Marketing Campaign

Published 8 months ago

Alipay+, a provider of cross-border digital payments and marketing solutions, has launched its new marketing initiative known as #MoneyCannotBuy. The campaign comprises social media activities and unique rewards in collaboration with global merchants, aimed at delivering a distinctive travel experience to Asia’s e-wallet users.

Social Media Campaigns and Special Promotions

MoneyCannotBuy includes significant social media initiatives and exclusive offers from over 100 international brands. These brands range from large theme parks and shopping malls to luxury retailers and major airports, providing a wealth of options for mobile-oriented travelers.

As part of the campaign, Alipay+ is also hosting approximately 30 e-wallet users from Malaysia, South Korea, and Thailand on a Dream Tour. This initiative aims to build excitement and share memorable experiences.

Golden Week Promotions and Beyond

The rollout of the #MoneyCannotBuy initiative coincides with a series of special promotions for consumers worldwide, including Alipay users, for China’s longest public holiday, Golden Week. These promotions extend into the fall and winter travel seasons.

A Year of Breakthroughs for Alipay+

Alipay+, a product of Ant Group, has experienced major breakthroughs in 2023. The platform now collaborates with about 30 top e-wallets and, following its recent expansion into mainland China, connects tens of millions of merchants in 56 markets to over 1.4 billion payment accounts across Asia and beyond. This service allows consumers to take advantage of a wide array of deals using their preferred payment methods while abroad. Meanwhile, small and medium-sized businesses can utilize Alipay+’s digital tools to bolster efficiency and achieve omni-channel growth.

Dr. Cherry Huang, General Manager of Alipay+ Offline Merchant Services at Ant Group, highlighted the potential reach of over 1.4 billion consumers. As the demand for unique travel and shopping experiences increases, Dr. Huang believes that Alipay+ is perfectly positioned to offer an omni-channel and pool resources with its merchant and digital payment partners. She expressed the hope that more businesses would participate in the initiative to help deliver the top-notch #MoneyCannotBuy experiences to consumers.

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