Adyen Introduces Capital for Australian SMBs

Published 7 months ago

Global financial technology platform, Adyen, has introduced its new product, Capital, to its Australian platform customers. This product aims to simplify funding processes for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and unlock revenue opportunities for Adyen for Platforms merchants.

Capitalizing on SMB Interest in Embedded Financial Services

Research conducted in partnership with Boston Consulting Group reveals that 59% of Australian SMBs are interested in financial services embedded within platforms. Adyen aims to take advantage of this interest with Capital. This funding offering, combined with Adyen’s embedded payment solutions, enables platforms like Epos Now, Next Order, and OrderBuddy to provide additional value to their SMB users.

Addressing Liquidity Needs

SMBs often struggle to access funding due to stringent application procedures and inflexible or costly terms imposed by traditional financial services. Capital aims to simplify this process by offering pre-approved business financing based on historical payments data. This allows SMBs to quickly access funds for any business purpose. The repayment process is also simplified as repayments are collected from incoming payments. Users are required to pay a one-off, fixed fee, eliminating any hidden costs or interest.

Support from Platform Merchants

Hayley Fisher, Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand, Adyen, emphasized the company’s commitment to understanding and supporting SMBs through its platform merchants. Nathan Gill, Chief Product Officer at Epos Now, highlighted the simplicity that Adyen brought to the onboarding and integration process. Will Richards, Co-Founder of Next Order, praised Capital as a transformative initiative that resolves funding issues for businesses. David Yang, CEO and Co-Founder of OrderBuddy, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with Adyen to offer Capital to customers.

About Adyen

Adyen serves as the financial technology platform of choice for leading companies, providing end-to-end payment capabilities, data-driven insights, and financial products in a single global solution. Adyen Capital is provided by Adyen Australia Pty Limited and is offered exclusively for business purposes.

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