Access Africa and Thunes Improve Cross-Border Payments in Africa

Published 7 months ago

A new partnership formed between Access Africa and Thunes aims to streamline and simplify cross-border transfers and payments across 13 African countries. Thunes is a global payment infrastructure platform that links over 130 countries into a unified network, providing its members with smooth and frictionless cross-border payments.

The partnership will enhance Access Africa’s ability to facilitate inbound and outbound cross-border payments in Botswana, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Zambia.

Expanding Access Africa’s Reach

Robert Giles, Senior Advisory Retail, stated that the strategic partnership reaffirms Access Africa’s commitment to offering top-quality remittance services to customers. The collaboration with Thunes will significantly expand Access Africa’s payment and remittance services to over 100 additional countries. Furthermore, it will expose Thunes to Access Africa’s 60 million customers across more than 600 branch locations.

Benefits of Modern Digital Payment Technology

The collaboration will enable customers of Access Africa, both account and non-account holders, to make simple international payments and receive diaspora inflows in USD from countries worldwide in form of cash or bank deposits.

The partnership is set to bring modern digital payment technology’s benefits to the parties involved, addressing the friction within traditional bank-based cross-border payment flows. This move will make payments faster, easier, and more transparent.

Aik Boon Tan, Executive Vice President for Thunes, expressed excitement for the future of the partnership, anticipating major improvements for customers needing to make regular cross-border payments to and from African markets.

About Access Africa and Thunes

Access Africa is a payment product designed to simplify global payments for various payment flows. It enables efficient and effective transfers, including school fees payments, merchant payments, eCommerce payments, trade payments and diaspora workers payments.

Thunes is a B2B payments company building global infrastructure for the 21st century. It enables seamless, instant and transparent money movement, closing the gap between payment systems in developed and emerging markets worldwide. It facilitates payments in 80 currencies across 133 countries, using over 300 payment methods.

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