Abba Payments Unveils Abba Wallet, a Super Everything App for Africa

Published 8 months ago

Abba Payments Ltd. has announced the launch of Abba Wallet, a comprehensive financial technology (fintech) application aimed at transforming the fintech industry in Africa. Abba Payments Ltd. is a subsidiary of Los Angeles-based Abba Platforms Inc. and operates from the British Virgin Islands.

A Redefinition of Fintech in Africa

The Abba Wallet is more than a typical money transmission app. It offers real-time money transfer services, among other features. The app allows users to send or receive up to the equivalent of $50,000 USD in a single transaction. It also offers low fees for senders and no charges for recipients. Withdrawals from the Abba Wallet to personal debit cards are free of charge, although receiving banks may apply their own fees.

Vice President of Compliance of Abba Payments Ltd., Mr. Edison Manda, states that Abba Wallet is set to break the barriers to easy access to money in Africa and enhance cross-border trading. The company’s mantra, ‘Money Faster’, reflects this ambition.

An All-In-One Fundraising Tool

Abba Wallet also offers a unique fundraising feature. Users can quickly raise funds for immediate needs such as weddings, funerals, school fees, and community projects through the Abba Wallet Events feature. According to the CEO of Abba Payments Ltd., Mr. Edgar Songanga, the app is designed to improve businesses, enhance productivity, and promote peace of mind across Africa.

iOS Version Coming Soon

The company has revealed that an iOS version of the app is in the works. Mr. Julius T. Gbayange, President of Abba Payments Ltd., promises that it will offer a unique design, an array of tools, and a robust user interface that will revolutionize the fintech industry in Africa.

About Abba Payments Ltd.

Abba Payments Ltd. is a leading fintech company that operates a multi-regional and multi-currency electronic payment system, Abba Wallet. The company aims to serve the entire continent of Africa.

About Abbafly

Abbafly is a division of Abba Platforms Inc. It is Africa’s largest Business Intelligence System (BIS) and seeks to advance trust and transparency in cross-border business transactions throughout Africa.

About Abba Platforms Inc.

Abba Platforms Inc. is a technology company that operates a growing portfolio of leading brands in financial services, internet, technology, e-commerce, industrial and consumer products.

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