Zumo Adopts FCA's New Cryptoasset Promotion Regulations

Published 8 months ago

Zumo has etched its name in history as the first digital asset platform to incorporate the new tech-based requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) financial promotions regime for cryptoasset firms.

FCA’s Rules to Ensure Consumer Protection

The new rules, scheduled to take effect from 8th October this year, will mandate enhanced consumer protection measures. These measures are aimed at fostering consumer confidence and security, especially in a turbulent market backdrop where significant actors, such as Chase UK, have suspended their UK operations.

Zumo’s Commitment to Regulatory Compliance

Nick Jones, CEO of Zumo, emphasizes that their strict adherence to regulatory frameworks goes beyond mere compliance. It is a reflection of their dedication to being a trusted and sustainable partner in the digital asset sector, safeguarding the safety and integrity of the industry.

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