COCA Crypto Wallet Launches Virtual Cards

Published 2 months ago

COCA, the trailblazing cryptocurrency wallet application, has launched its Virtual Cards. This comes on the heels of the success of its Early Access Program, which drew the attention of thousands of users across Europe.

Bridging the Gap between Traditional Banking and Cryptocurrency

This strategic move underscores COCA’s commitment to providing seamless, secure, and user-friendly fintech services. These connect traditional banking with cryptocurrency, enabling users to conveniently execute transactions online and at over 40 million merchants in more than 200 countries, all directly using their cryptocurrency assets.

The introduction of COCA’s non-custodial debit card, facilitated by Wirex’s card infrastructure, is a significant development in digital finance. It’s altering how people view security and convenience.

COCA’s Early Access Success and Virtual Card Rollout Highlights

COCA’s Early Access Program has drawn in a wide range of participants, from cryptocurrency aficionados to fintech pioneers, all keen to delve into the future of financial transactions.

Being the first to introduce non-custodial Virtual Cards in Europe, COCA is establishing a new benchmark for crypto-based financial products, offering unrivaled convenience and accessibility to its users.

COCA’s non-custodial Virtual Card allows users to spend their cryptocurrency like traditional fiat currency. This eliminates the need for complex exchanges or transfers, making it easier than ever to incorporate cryptocurrency into everyday transactions.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Virtual Card feature eradicates common barriers such as seed phrases and offers an easy-to-understand, intuitive interface.

Utilizing advanced technologies like MPC (Multi-Party Computation) and Anonymous Biometric Backup, COCA ensures that users’ assets and identities are secure at all times.

Plans for Expansion

Following the successful European launch, COCA intends to extend its Virtual Cards’ availability to other regions, including APAC, the USA, and LATAM, in the upcoming months. However, this product is not intended for UK residents.

This expansion forms part of COCA’s wider strategy to make cryptocurrencies a practical and convenient part of daily financial activities for people worldwide.

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