Smart-ID App Now Supports Apple Watch

Published 6 months ago

The electronic identity solution, Smart-ID, is now available for use on Apple Watch. This new development, introduced by SK ID Solutions, allows users to sign and authenticate electronically directly from their smartwatch.

Responding to User Demand

This technological advancement was driven by user demand, with the Smart-ID team emphasizing the importance of enhancing user experience. By integrating Smart-ID into the Apple Watch, users can authenticate and sign electronically in various situations where their phone might not be readily available.

Easy Integration and Enhanced Security

Users do not need to install a separate app to use Smart-ID on their Apple Watch. Instead, the Smart-ID app on their smartphone initiates all operations. To bolster security, Apple Watch users are encouraged to set a passcode on their watch.

The Smart-ID feature on Apple Watch mirrors the operations on an iPhone, providing an intuitive and secure experience. A sequence of transactions including PIN entry dialogues and control codes guide users through the process. This enhanced security measure ensures account information cannot be compromised from the Apple Watch. The Smart-ID feature functions optimally when the iPhone and Apple Watch are connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Expansion to Apple Watch Ecosystem

The integration of Smart-ID into the Apple Watch ecosystem is a significant step forward in SK ID Solutions’ commitment to providing user-friendly experiences. With the support of over 1000 e-services, including the 12 largest Baltic banks, this move makes authentication and electronic signing more accessible to users.

Growth and Future Plans

Smart-ID has a user base of 5 million in the Baltics and recorded a high of 85 million transactions in a single month in 2023. The introduction of Smart-ID to the Apple Watch is expected to encourage wider adoption of the service. SK ID Solutions continues to monitor user feedback and usage patterns to evaluate and improve this new feature as part of their ongoing commitment to innovation.

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