IDVerse Joins Mastercard Engage Partner Program

Published 6 months ago

Digital ID verification company IDVerse has announced its partnership with Mastercard through the Engage partner program. The collaboration is set to provide Mastercard customers with a comprehensive, automated identity verification solution.

Streamlining Identity Verification

IDVerse’s technology is designed to enhance Mastercard’s reach to a broader range of connected devices. It effectively reduces AI technology bias towards newer devices and operating systems. IDVerse is pioneering in training deep neural network systems via generative AI, actively mitigating discrimination based on race, age, and gender while staying ahead of global fraud trends such as synthetic media and deepfakes.

Bringing Inclusivity and Efficiency

The partnership allows access to a Zero Bias AI™-tested identity verification, ensuring inclusivity and protection against discrimination related to race, age, and gender through generative AI technology. It also promises swift customer integration and onboarding with automated digital identity verification systems. Additionally, it will lead to an operational efficiency boost and significantly reduce manual review requirements for identity verification, resulting in 99% accuracy.

Addressing the Demand for Enhanced Digital Functionalities

With 8.4 billion connected devices worldwide, consumers are more connected than ever. Mastercard is creating solutions for this new consumer reality by improving experiential banking. The Mastercard Digital First Card Program enables digital payment experiences for consumers, with an optional physical card. As a technology integration partner, IDVerse will support Mastercard customers in quickly building and deploying identity verification solutions at scale.

Commitment to Secure Digital Onboarding

Libby Robinson, Head of Partnerships at IDVerse, expressed pride in joining the Mastercard Engage Program. The partners in the program will benefit from IDVerse’s robust global document coverage and compliance certifications that ensure the highest standards in their offerings. Their fully-automated identity verification solution, powered by Zero Bias AI™-tested technology, symbolizes the future of secure digital onboarding. IDVerse is dedicated to enabling Mastercard customers to seamlessly automate digital identity verification and balance security and user experience.

Mastercard Engage links businesses with qualified technology partners. Since the start of the program, over 150 Mastercard Engage partners have assisted their customers in deploying innovative solutions for more than 500 million consumers using Mastercard products and services.

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