DataVisor to Enhance Nymbus' Fraud Management

Published 6 months ago

AI-powered fraud and risk platform, DataVisor, has been selected by Nymbus®, a top provider of cloud-based financial technology solutions, to amplify fraud management across their suite of digital banking offerings.

Strategic Partnership for Comprehensive Fraud Protection

This strategic partnership allows Nymbus to utilize DataVisor’s next-generation fraud and risk platform. With this, customers will receive comprehensive fraud protection powered by AI and advanced machine learning. Nymbus’ technology solutions help banks and credit unions to upgrade their tools and offerings, including creating a new digital bank or modernizing their legacy infrastructure.

The integration of DataVisor’s comprehensive fraud platform enables Nymbus’ financial institution partners to seamlessly enhance their digital capabilities while reducing fraud risks. This advancement promises reduced fraud losses and a seamless customer experience for Nymbus clients, marking significant progress in the digital evolution journey.

DataVisor’s Role in Nymbus’ Strategic Roadmap

Michelle Prohaska, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer at Nymbus, noted that the partnership with DataVisor is a vital part of their strategic roadmap. It allows their customers to expand with confidence in a fraud-safe environment. DataVisor’s advanced Generative AI and sophisticated machine learning technology provide increased security and agility, reinforcing Nymbus’ role as a trusted partner.

DataVisor’s innovative machine learning, including supervised and unsupervised machine learning models, and futureproof cloud architecture, offer real-time data orchestration, powerful fraud detection, and decisioning. This ensures Nymbus’ partners and customers access to scalable and cost-effective solutions at the forefront of technology.

Pioneering a Transformative Phase in Financial Services

Yinglian Xie, CEO and Co-founder of DataVisor, expressed excitement about the partnership with Nymbus. It introduces fraud solutions that enable bank and credit union partners to elevate their digital banking offerings. This collaboration pioneers a transformative phase in financial services, combining cutting-edge tech with a steadfast focus on fraud security, delivering unparalleled digital banking quality for customers.

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