Corytech Introduces Innovative Crypto Invoicing Feature

Published 8 months ago

Leading fintech innovator, Corytech, has launched a groundbreaking payment tool known as Crypto Invoicing. The tool enables businesses to accept payments in both traditional fiat and cryptocurrency, bridging the gap between traditional finance and future transactions.

Corytech’s CEO, Dmytro Miliukov, stated that the company is committed to equipping businesses with innovative and practical tools, ensuring they remain competitive in a global market.

The “Buy with Crypto” Solution

Central to this innovation is the “Buy with Crypto” solution, which is seamlessly integrated into the standard Internet payment form. This payment option not only allows for crypto-to-crypto transactions but also lets users purchase cryptocurrency at competitive rates during the transaction, simplifying the payment process.

Benefits of Corytech’s Crypto Invoicing

Corytech’s Crypto Invoicing offers several benefits, including instant transactions, reduced fees, diverse payment options, enhanced security, global accessibility, and futuristic branding.

Instant transactions eliminate the wait times typically associated with bank or payment system confirmations, while reduced fees, especially for international transfers, make transactions more cost-effective.

The system also accepts a range of cryptocurrencies, offering diverse payment options to cater to a broader audience. With an integrated express KYC and AML process, the feature offers enhanced security, promising transparent and secure transactions.

Global accessibility allows businesses to expand their reach, and the integration of cryptocurrency invoicing can help bolster the brand’s innovative and futuristic image.

Crypto Economy: A Rising Trend

Since the crypto economy continues to surge, businesses are encouraged to stay ahead of the curve. Recent insights from Deloitte emphasize the increasing percentage of crypto payments and the necessity of adapting to this transformative trend. A significant 87% of merchants agree that organizations accepting digital currencies have a competitive edge. Furthermore, 93% of businesses that currently accept cryptocurrency as a payment method have seen a positive impact on their customer metrics and expect this trend to continue into the following year.

About Corytech

Corytech is a global fintech powerhouse with a successful track record serving leading enterprises. Trusted by businesses and customers alike to manage their financial ecosystem, Corytech leverages its paytech solutions to handle over a million transactions monthly.

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