BHG Financial Collaborates with Cable for Automated Financial Crime Testing

Published 8 months ago

BHG Financial, a leading company in unsecured business and personal loans, has partnered with Cable. The aim of this collaboration is to integrate Cable’s financial crime effectiveness testing platform. This move is seen as a significant enhancement to BHG Financial’s robust financial crime compliance program, introducing advanced automated assurance and testing capabilities.

Since 2001, BHG Financial has originated over $16 billion in loan solutions for top-quality borrowers, offering access to community and midsize banks via a sophisticated loan delivery platform. This partnership with Cable underscores BHG Financial’s dedication to regulatory compliance and the utilization of data, analytics, and innovative technology.

Improving Compliance Program with Advanced Technology

Bryan Holloway, Director, Financial Crime & BSA Officer at BHG Financial, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Cable. The collaboration is expected to augment BHG Financial’s compliance program with advanced tools that automate manual assurance and oversight functions. Holloway noted that this will lead to greater efficiency, visibility, and insights across the business, ultimately enabling the company to grow responsibly and fulfill its mission of providing innovative financial solutions.

Cable’s comprehensive financial crime effectiveness testing platform offers a suite of purpose-built tools. These include automated risk assessments, assurance, quality assurance, management information, reporting, and more. The platform provides banks, fintechs, and crypto firms with more confidence in their financial crime regulatory compliance.

Cable CEO on the Partnership

Natasha Vernier, Cable CEO, expressed delight at the partnership with BHG Financial. Vernier emphasized that in an era of heightened regulatory scrutiny on banking and fintech compliance, it is a privilege to work with companies like BHG Financial. She praised BHG Financial for taking compliance seriously and adopting the best available tools to protect their business. The partnership is expected to significantly improve BHG Financial’s automated financial crime assurance and testing capabilities.

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