authID and Bieases Team Up to Combat Identity Fraud

Published 8 months ago

authID Inc., a prominent provider of secure identity verification and authentication solutions, is partnering with international fintech Bieases to launch a biometric authentication platform. The platform aims to curb identity fraud and account takeover, offering automated digital customer onboarding and passwordless authentication.

Bieases International Financial Services

Bieases provides international financial services and payments in major global markets such as the United States, United Kingdom, and the European Union. Its digital wallet bridges banks, merchants, and customers, assisting merchants with both online and offline collections—domestically and internationally, while offering customers an attractive international money transfer service.

The CEO of Bieases, Bin Li, speaks highly of the collaboration with authID, stating that the cutting-edge identity platform is an excellent solution to safeguard their merchants against fraudulent account openings and offer their customers a convenient, frictionless experience. He adds that, with authID’s help, Bieases can provide a secure and easily accessible international payment platform to their network of banks, merchants, and customers.

Mitigating Rising Identity Fraud and Account Takeover

Identity fraud and account takeover are increasing due to phishing attacks and stolen personal data. authID’s patented biometric identity platform boosts customer conversion for Bieases through strong identity verification and document authentication for online onboarding. The platform links the verified identity of the customer with the Bieases digital wallet, enhancing the value of the proofed customer.

authID offers seamless biometric authentication and an undeniable biometric audit trail, eliminating the risks associated with easily stolen passwords, forgotten secret questions, birth dates, or recent financial transactions. The platform authenticates the true account owner’s identity every time with a quick selfie captured and validated in 700 milliseconds, offering a faster, frictionless, and precise user identity authentication.

Rhon Daguro, CEO of, states that authID is dedicated to protecting the digital fintech ecosystem against identity fraud and account takeover. He expresses pleasure in providing Bieases, its merchants, and its customers with high levels of identity trust and frictionless identity experiences that foster customer loyalty.

authID - Best ID Management Platform

For the second year in a row, authID has been named “Best ID Management Platform” in the annual FinTech Breakthrough Awards. The award recognizes the company’s innovation across various industry use cases, including fintech and banking.

About authID

authID ensures cybersecurity for enterprises, providing “Know Who’s Behind the Device” solutions for every customer or employee login and transaction. Its patented biometric identity platform verifies a user’s identity quickly and accurately, preventing cybercriminals from taking over accounts. authID combines digital onboarding, FIDO2 login, and biometric authentication and account recovery, with a fast, user-friendly experience.

About Bieases

Bieases is an international fintech that offers international financial services and payments. It has a global footprint with development and operations teams in Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa. Bieases supports international companies’ global expansion with its banking and financial partners through its digital wallet, creating a robust network between merchants and customers and offering an attractive money transfer service.

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