Abrigo Partners with Prelim for Streamlined Digital Onboarding

Published 4 months ago

In a bid to enhance the banking experience for financial institutions and their customers, Abrigo, a top-tier technology provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with Silicon Valley fintech firm, Prelim. The collaboration is set to provide efficient, user-friendly digital applications and workflows.

A Step Towards Digital Enhancement

Over half of small businesses stress the significance of digital online account opening and anticipate their financial institutions to facilitate it, as per Datos Insights. The alliance between Abrigo and Prelim addresses this need by offering seamless applications for single or multiple accounts, secure document uploads, and digital signatures, regardless of being online or in-branch.

Their software automates digital account opening, eliminating manual tasks, and ensuring stringent verification of customers or businesses. It also enables swift customer fund allocation and effortless integration with core banking systems.

Choosing Prelim: A Proven Track Record

Abrigo opted for Prelim as a partner owing to its successful past performance. Prelim, with its out-of-the-box core integrations and swift implementation, integrates smoothly into Abrigo’s loan origination system. This guarantees a streamlined and efficient experience for financial institutions and their customers.

Heang Chan, CEO and co-founder of Prelim, expressed his enthusiasm about this strategic partnership, emphasizing that together, they are empowering banks to excel in the digital age.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Ravi Nemalikanti, CTO of Abrigo, reiterated that digital onboarding will improve the overall customer and end-user experience. He further stated that their partnership with Prelim underlines Abrigo’s steadfast commitment to employing cutting-edge technologies.

Abrigo: The Leading Provider

Abrigo, recognized for providing compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions, helps financial institutions flourish. It ensures customer success with its award-winning client service team, advisory expertise, and innovative technology.

Prelim: The Fintech Pioneer

Prelim, a leading fintech company, provides digital onboarding solutions for over 100 financial solutions, including consumer and business deposit accounts. It empowers banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions to digitize the customer journey from onboarding to servicing, thereby improving the customer experience through process automation.

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