Savedroid partners with EPG

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Frankfurt am Main, 08 of November 2019 –- Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing how money is spent, accepted and saved. savedroid pioneered ways to merge traditional savings with cryptocurrencies, and now found the best technical and regulatory setup to realize its vision.

Savedroid, global pioneer in crypto products, teamed up with Euro Payment Group (EPG), an expert service provider for electronic real-time payments with integrated risk management tools, for the launch of a new crypto savings app. EPG, part of the Gauselmann Group, leverages the unique advantage of a deep industry knowledge combined with strong technical expertise and helps businesses evolve into successful ventures through a combination of services, and networking within the business community. Through EPG, savedroid was able to establish a global presence by being able to accept payments worldwide.

“This collaboration with EPG was fundamental in order to launch our new cryptocurrency app. Not only EPG helped with overcoming regulatory issues and facilitating international payments, but also they’ve supported us the entire time, making what usually is seen as complex, a seemless experience”, said Joachim Brockmann, COO of savedroid.

“Our technology is the missing puzzle piece that provides a stepping stone to bringing cryptocurrencies to everyone with little to no risk,” added Brockmann. “With our intuitive app, the common person will be able to own next-generation currencies while behind-the-scenes, savedroid enhances the user experience based on maximum simplification and emotional gamification, helping everyone reach their goal effortlessly. EPG streamlined the processing and consumer payments into one secure frictionless process.”

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