Dutch payment provider Ginger expands to US market

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Amsterdam, October 23, 2019 — Ginger is closing out 2019 by entering the US market. Given an increasing number of inquiries from American banks, Ginger will in the US at this October’s Money2020 event in Las Vegas.

While Money2020 will mark the beginning of our US endeavors, Ginger plans to announce new partnerships later in 2019 and roll out localized payment features in early 2020. Additionally, the Ginger team has planned several prospecting trips to New York City for the coming year and intends to open a local hub later in 2020 to better serve their North American clients.

On the move into the US, CEO Roderick de Koning, says: “Thanks to the overall growth in e-commerce initiatives like Apple Pay, and the success of fintech heroes like Adyen and Stripe, banks are rethinking their payments strategy. Payments, after a long time, have become sexy again. Banks are turning to Ginger because our PaaS model offers a novel way to gain cutting-edge payments capabilities without the upfront capital investment of developing everything in house. And we do it fast! Not to mention that with us, you forego ongoing maintenance and update costs.”

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