Addity: the brand-new payment solution for e-billing companies

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Payments are offered and executed on a daily basis in every company. However not many firms, even the ones that are in finance, have a license to process payments. That is the reason why Addity - a new FinTech company - came up with a solution where they can offer payment products, such as iDEAL and Bancontact, to other FinTech companies. After a successful pilot-year the company is now officially announcing their products to the market.


Addity has built a brand-new payment solution for e-billing companies, independent software providers and financial institutions. These companies can add and resell payment solutions to their customers in a one-stop-shop proposition. According to Buckaroo CCO Maurits Dekker this is a major value-add in a market that is full of different payment API’s and partners. In addition to that he adds: “As the world becomes even more global, it is pivotal to have a global payment service offering. Addity is a one-stop-shop for financial companies, which will be give our clients the opportunity to scale their business and add complementary revenue models.”

Peace of mind

Addity is a spin-off from Buckaroo and showcasing the Belgium FinTech scale-up POM – Peace of Mind as their first client. POM optimizes the invoicing process for both sides of the market: billers and customers. Their invoice payment services allow companies – large and small – to both significantly lower their collection costs and speed up receivables. POM entered into a partnership agreement with Addity last year. Johannes Vermeire, CEO POM: “The cooperation with Addity allows us to better serve our customers and respond to their changing needs. Thanks to Addity, it has become easier, faster and safer to pay via POM.”’

Launch at MPE 2020

Addity will be launched at the MPE 2020 from 18 till 20 February in Berlin. To get in touch. Download the MPE app and connect with Maurits Dekker, Jeroen Jungerius and Arnaud de Cartier d’Yves.

About Addity

Different partners in the fintech world are looking to broaden its offering to stay competitive and scale faster in Europa. For this reason, Addity has built a payments platform especially designed to adding payments solutions for fast scaling FinTech’s. Our goal is the creation of a world with frictionless payments for our partners and to help our partners diversify their income stream towards payments. Furthermore, we want to support our partners in scaling their business without hassle

About Buckaroo

Buckaroo is a leading payment service provider in the Netherlands, founded in 2005. Various corporates and ecommerce companies use Buckaroo's payment technology: from a smart checkout for online payments to extensive customization in the areas of collection, subscription services and credit management.

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