Yuki Accepted into Blockchain Founders Group Adrenaline Program

Published 4 months ago

Nigerian Web3 fintech startup, Yuki, has been admitted into the Blockchain Founders Group Adrenaline Program. This program is a 12-week accelerator that aims to scale up promising blockchain startups. It does so by providing these startups with access to over 100 top-tier mentors and partners.

Yuki claims that the accelerator will provide numerous resources and support to help them grow their business and achieve their goals.

Yuki Provides APIs for African Fintechs

Yuki, launched in November 2022 by Nigerian invest-tech and robo-advisory startup ComiBlock, offers APIs to African fintechs and neobanks. These APIs simplify the creation and offering of unique crypto solutions. For instance, any fintech could use Yuki to build a remittance service, stablecoin payments, crypto trading service, etc. They can do this within a week instead of taking months.

Fintechs leveraging Yuki’s services do not have to write any complex code or worry about compliance-related matters such as obtaining licenses or AML.

Benefits of Participating in the Program

Through the Adrenaline Program, Yuki will have access to up to €100k in funding. They will also have the opportunity to learn from experienced blockchain founders and mentors. Other benefits include gaining access to a network of investors and partners, as well as receiving support in developing and executing their marketing and product development plans.

Yuki plans to leverage the Blockchain Founders Group’s vast expert network and resources to refine their offerings for custody solutions, wallet APIs, stablecoin applications, and more. Their goal is to streamline blockchain adoption across Africa.

Yuki and Aladdin Digital Partnership

In May 2023, Yuki formed a partnership with Aladdin Digital, a neobank for small and medium businesses. This partnership aimed to bring digital assets to the forefront in Africa. Through this partnership, Aladdin’s community of over 75k users (including merchant accounts) can access digital assets and participate in the crypto ecosystem. By leveraging Yuki’s APIs, Aladdin can now seamlessly integrate self-custodial crypto services into their app, enhancing the user experience.

The acceptance of Yuki into the Adrenaline Program signals a positive trend for the African blockchain community. It indicates a growing interest in African blockchain startups from the global blockchain industry.