YouTrip Secures $50 Million in Series B Funding

Published 8 months ago

YouTrip, a Singapore-based fintech startup, has secured $50 million in a Series B funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. The company, which offers a multicurrency wallet, has raised a total of $105.5 million to date.

A Localized Approach to Fintech

Founded by Caecilia Chu in 2018, YouTrip aims to establish itself as a key player in Southeast Asia’s growing fintech scene. The company focuses on providing a localized product that caters to the specific needs of each market it operates in. This approach has led to significant brand recognition and consumer trust in the region.

YouTrip provides both a virtual and physical debit card that supports payments in over 150 currencies. The company collaborates with local currency exchange providers to eliminate foreign transaction fees and other hidden charges. Its app, which has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play store, also supports currency exchange for 10 currencies.

Expanding Reach and Services

The funds raised in the latest round will be used to expand YouTrip’s reach in Southeast Asia, starting with Malaysia, followed by Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The company also plans to increase its workforce by 100 employees over the next two years.

In addition to expanding its consumer base, YouTrip has recently launched YouBiz, a service offering multicurrency cards to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Over 3,000 businesses, most of which are led by existing YouTrip users, have already joined the service.

Fierce Competition in the Region

Despite YouTrip’s success, the company faces stiff competition from global fintech startups entering the Southeast Asian market. London-based companies Wise and Revolut have both launched multicurrency wallets in the region. Southeast Asian fintech startups such as Thunes and Airwallex also offer similar services to SMEs.

Moreover, established banks like Standard Chartered, HSBC, and UOB have launched multicurrency debit cards catering to travellers. As the fintech scene in Southeast Asia continues to evolve, companies like YouTrip will need to continue innovating to maintain their market position.