Youtility Acquired by Squeeze

Published 8 months ago

UK embedded subscription management platform, Youtility, has found a new home with Squeeze, an American insurance price comparison service. The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Youtility’s Role in Financial Management

Youtility has carved a niche in the financial tech world with its innovative approach to management of utility and telecom subscriptions. The platform offers connectivity between banks, customers, and suppliers of energy, broadband, digital TV and mobile services. The service allows customers to control, manage, and save on these contracts from within their bank’s application.

Notable backers of Youtility include Barclays, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Big Society Capital, and Social Tech Trust. The company boasts of clients like Virgin Money, Wagestream, and Pockit. They also have plans to announce several new banking partnerships in early 2024.

Squeeze and Youtility Join Forces

With this acquisition, Squeeze aims to merge the B2B API platform of Youtility with its own data analytics and B2C experience. The goal is to provide a seamless and embedded switch experience for bank and fintech customers.

Elias Janetis, CEO of Squeeze, expressed optimism about the merger, noting that the blended technologies will allow banks to embed essential money-saving actions for their customers. He believes this will help all customers, even those who aren’t financially savvy, and trigger a new era of price comparison in the UK market.