Yapily and Uncapped Join Forces to Boost Financial Lending

Published about 2 months ago

Leading open banking solutions provider, Yapily, has announced a new partnership with Uncapped, a fintech company providing working capital funding to scaling brands, retailers, and merchants across the UK, EU, and US. This collaboration aims to democratise access to capital for online companies and bolster the financial lending sector’s progression.

Yapily Fuels Uncapped’s Ambition

Yapily’s open banking platform plays a pivotal role in enabling Uncapped to meet and exceed its ambitious goals with increased speed and expanded coverage. Yapily’s exceptional customer support, comprehensive bank coverage, and ability to facilitate accelerated growth opportunities were key factors driving Uncapped’s decision to partner with the open banking provider.

Accelerating Business Growth

With Yapily’s assistance, Uncapped can provide funding and support to growing businesses more efficiently. Yapily’s faster query response time and efficient communication have proven essential in supporting Uncapped’s core objectives of greater speed, connectivity, and business growth support.

Speedy Funding for Businesses

By leveraging Yapily’s open banking technology, Uncapped gains a clearer understanding of client finances, resulting in quicker cash provision. This capability significantly benefits end customers, granting them quicker access to capital and enhancing their competitive edge.

Extending Geographical Reach

Yapily’s extensive banking coverage and geographical reach have been instrumental in supporting Uncapped’s expansion plans. The partnership has allowed Uncapped to further penetrate existing markets and shows promise for new territories as the fintech company looks to launch new markets in the near future.

Enhancing Customer Experiences

Uncapped’s transition to Yapily reflects its commitment to utilising the most effective solutions in the market. Since the inception of this partnership, Uncapped customers have experienced an improvement in service quality, with the connection process and flow becoming smoother and more efficient.