WiseAlpha Launches Wealth Management Portal for Fractional Bonds

Published 6 months ago

WiseAlpha, the pioneer of fractional bonds, has unveiled a new wealth management portal and white-label solution. The innovative interface aims to streamline the process for wealth managers to provide their clients with access to fractional bonds.

The Rise of Fractional Bonds

Corporate bonds offer a predictable income and equity-like returns without the high volatility. However, prior to WiseAlpha, the bond market was largely inaccessible to individual investors. Despite the value of the government and corporate debt securities market nearing €128 trn, according to ICMA, the bond market was predominantly institutional. This was due to the extensive paperwork and minimum investment of £100,000 required for each investment.

WiseAlpha revolutionised this process with their proprietary tech platform and their Fractional Bond product. By reducing the minimum investment to £100, individual investors can now easily purchase bonds from FTSE companies like Ocado, Marks & Spencer, and even foreign corporations such as Apple.

Streamlining Access to Fractional Bonds

WiseAlpha’s new B2B2C Solutions service for institutional clients takes the Fractional Bond product to new heights. Wealth Managers, banks, and brokers can now effortlessly partner with WiseAlpha to make Fractional Bonds available to their clients. This can be achieved using WiseAlpha’s interface or via a white-label solution, allowing partners to present the portal under their own branding.

WiseAlpha has already secured partnerships with a leading wealth management company and a bank, with more details to be disclosed shortly. The company anticipates significant growth in this area, underlined by the £100 million of volume already traded by individual investors on the WiseAlpha platform.

Expanding Investment Opportunities

WiseAlpha’s recent fundraising round was quickly oversubscribed, indicating a promising future for the company. This success underlines WiseAlpha’s commitment to democratising the corporate bond market and allowing private investors to partake in its growth.

Rezaah Ahmad, Founder & Executive Director of WiseAlpha, expressed the company’s vision for democratizing the corporate bond market. He noted that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has shown interest in broadening its participation in this market. Ahmad highlighted that WiseAlpha’s partnerships with wealth managers and banks will further widen access, supporting investors every step of their journey.