Wallib Launches Colombia's First VISA Debit Card

Published about 1 month ago

In a significant announcement, Wallib, Colombia’s leading fintech firm, has unveiled its first VISA debit card. This milestone marks a considerable step forward in democratizing access to Bitcoin and fostering a more equitable financial system.

Exclusive Waiting List for Early Adopters

Wallib takes pride in opening an exclusive waiting list for the first 1,000 users eager to experience the revolution the Wallib VISA debit card brings. What sets this card apart? It provides the ability to pay, purchase, or spend in Bitcoin, US dollars, and Colombian pesos worldwide. The card’s ease of use and versatility make it a standout product in the financial market.

To secure a spot among the first 1,000 users, the process is straightforward:

  • Download the Wallib app, available on Android and iOS.
  • Validate your identity.
  • Request the VISA Debit Card directly from the app.

Cashback and Referral Program Benefits

But that’s not all. Card users will enjoy a 2% cashback in Bitcoin for every physical or online transaction they make. Moreover, the referral program offers users the chance to earn points and $3 for every referred friend. By sharing their referral code and encouraging friends to validate their identities, users can reap additional benefits in their Wallib account.

Wallib’s new VISA debit card represents an exciting new era in finance. By joining the Wallib community, users can be part of the transformation of Colombia’s financial landscape and beyond.